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A Brief Situation Analysis

The web has first gone multimedia, and now it is going virtual reality.

Virtual reality, commonly called VR, and 360-degree video are here now to stay. 360-degree video is not exactly the same thing as virtual reality but with giants like Youtube and Facebook supporting the format we have now social video being the first immersive ”VR” experience many people can have. The 360-degree spherical content can be consumed on a smartphone, the destop and with a VR headset for the best experience. People are embracing this new technology faster than they usually do and while traditional marketing is so over-saturated there is now an opportunity for businesses to provide some valuable content in a new engaging way.

To use 360-degree video technology fully you need

some content

Live streaming

Recorded videos

Computer generated videos

a player



Vrideo, Littlstar, WEARVR

a device

Desktop computer,


VR headset