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December 2019
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Amazing Service For Quick Advice

A simple three-steps process to get quick answers about digital business with focus on e-commerce, the customer journey, omnichannel and phygital which is the blend of digital experiences with physical ones. This is perfect for those willing to start a digital business selling consumer packaged goods. It is also a good service for those having an existing business but lacking the knowledge necessary to develop some strong competitive advantages in the digital era.


This is the first step and here you simply try to find in our calendar a time for a phone consulation to get some answers to your questions related to e-commerce, omnichannel and/or phygital.


At this stage, you will be charged 49€ for a slot of fifteen minutes reserved for a call for the consultation. For a longer call you are required to purchase additional slots of fifteen minutes.


Connect directly on the agreed day and time on Whatsapp and get expert advice regarding the technical and marketing aspects of your digital business.

Customer Value Optimization

Learn how not to chase your customers but attract them like a magnet

Web Strategy

We ensure that your ongoing business financial planning, taxation planning and documentation is always in order.


For small and large businesses, we help you to growth with e-commerce as a strategy.

Web Analytics

We ensure that your startup company is in safe hands, so you can concentrate on managing your business.

International Marketing

With our business accounting procedures in place, we’re able to monitor your accounts, growth, and success.

International Selling

Our mandate is to deliver a gold standard of work, playing a key role in advising people with their business.

Phone Consultation Done Right

When booking a phone consultation we kindly ask you to follow the guidelines outlined below. Our success is dependent on everyone participating with these principles in mind.

Open minds are strongly encouraged. There’s no use allowing the conversation to turn abrasive. It’ll get ya nowhere. If things start going off the tracks, it’s sometimes best to wrap it up and move on.

Being on time shows respect and eagerness to meet the other person, which always sets things off on the right foot. We understand, things come up. Please do your best to re-schedule or cancel the call so as to free up time for the other person.

The reason you’re here is to give or receive expert business advice, not to sell or be sold to. That being said, if, in the conversation, the other person says something like, “Wow, that’s interesting – I’d love to be a customer” then it’s fair game.

We highly recommend you take 5-10 minutes before the call to prepare. Gather some questions or topics to cover in the call so you can quickly engage and make the most of the conversation. Preparation is key.

Some people try and create business accounts on Clarity. That’s not how we work. Our members want to know who YOU are, not your company. Real people and reputation is the key to making Clarity work.

"A professional consultancy service who operate with a personal touch."
John Williams

Dominique Lecapre

Dominique is the founder of He is experienced with consumer packaged goods and in developing strategic foreign markets. Although located in Sweden Dominique can confidently help small to medium-sized companies around the world with their market development and digital growth journey using e-commerce. Beside consulting in international expansion and digital business development Dominique provides training in e-commerce, digital marketing and international selling. The training programs are performed in numerous Swedish schools of higher vocational education rigorously controlled by the state.

Do you want to work on your business and take it to a new level?

Start with E-Commerce

Training in E-Commerce Dropshipping Business This online training offers: 1. Knowledge on how digitalization is impacting organizational and business models. 2. Insights into the latest technology developments, for example Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data, and their potential for different businesses. 3. Understanding of how digitalization is affecting leadership and how you can engage your organization and employees in the digital change.

Training in E-Commerce Dropshipping Business

Get The Answer You Need to Go Forward

My client solution is driven by a unique, strategic-focusing process – a proven, systematic, and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results.

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