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If you do not already have a communication platform the first step is to help you to describe the way your company’s communication should be designed in terms of factors such as recipients, message and tone of voice. I use a process in a workshop format and the result is a guide that states what messages your communication is to relay on the social platforms or traditional medias.

youtube_liveSTream2One feature of the social platform YouTube is live-streaming of 360-degree video. Youtube worked hard to simplify the process for the users who only need to open the app on their mobile device or launch the service on the web. Users can now have a front row experience without any fancy technology to purchase or integrate. What does that mean concretely for you? I give you as an event manager the possibility to increase virtual attendance by putting your target audience right at the heart of the action, as it unfolds. With the use of a head mounted device such as the Google cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus rift the playback of the video reproduces the effect of an in-person event.

Emotional engagement is the centerpeice of today’s age of brand experience. The most efficient way to achiev winning results with emotional engagement is by telling a compelling story. I inspire people to step inside stories. These stories increase the audience engagement on social media as I use immersive storytelling in 360-degree video. Here are different use cases I could help you with depending on your industry:
With the help of storytelling I make “360-degree video postcards” with preloaded VR experiences made to inspire travel or visit of your business.
E-commerce sales often rely on good product presentations. I help you to create an innovative shopping experience by adding the element of immersion to simulate a virtual showroom. We then use storytelling to present your product. The combination of immersion and storytelling raises the awareness of your products for your customers. A well crafted immersive content results in a “message” which is clearly received by the subject thus impacting recall and translating to your bottom line.

Let us make a technological advance in the online classroom. Teachers giving field-based and lab-based instructions are good candidats to picture in VR experiences. Good teachers are often good storytellers. I record them in 360-degree video. Then, when viewing the 360-degree video, the students could for example stand in the teachers’ shoes and have a perspective they don’t typically have.
Real estate
I take real estate agents as storytellers as each property has its own story. I then use immersive video to create visual and emotional impact. Clients who are given the opportunity to tour a property in virtual reality with a VR headset are consistently astonished. This increases the odds for the property to find a new tenant or owner.

For some more general use cases not bounded to any specific industries I can help you with the following:
Employer branding
I can assist HR in finding and defining inspiring, authentic stories to share. We then provide a 360-degree view of these stories allowing job seekers to have a virtual experience working in your company. A 360-degree video is a logical evolution from 2D photo, image and text material found in traditional employer branding.
Customer loyalty
I help your business to put in place a customer retention strategy based on storytelling and a 360-degree video newsletter. You can easily measure the effectiveness of this retention strategy by viewership and analytics.
If you have any project that falls inside or outside the contexts above please contact me and I will tell you how I can help you to realize it.

I offer on-site training workshop to help you build your skills in digital marketing and 360-degree video. This is the perfect option for organizations that need a cost-effective way to train a large number of people all at once. The training can be performed in english, french or swedish.

The benefits of on-site training workshop are the following:
Cost savings
On-site training workshop eliminates travel expenses and reduces time away from the office.
Dedicated expert
I am fully dedicated to your specific training needs based on your business objectives.
Schedule at your convenience
Training can be scheduled to fit your time frame, at a time and location that’s most convenient for staff.

In the video below you can see me teaching the basic of internet and web technology to a class in hotel management. Please not that the language used is swedish

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