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What is social video marketing? 2016-07-31T20:12:31+00:00

According to Wikipedia “social video marketing (SVM) is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video. In a successful social video marketing campaign, the content, distribution strategy and consumer self-expression tools combine to allow an individual to “add their voice” or co-create value to a piece of content – then further propagating it out to their social circles.”

Should we consider to use social video marketing? 2016-07-31T19:35:53+00:00

Online video is available mostly where people are gathering now, that means on social networks. It is changing the way audiences engage with content, ads, and brands, and your competitors will not wait too long before taking advantage if it is not already done. Here are five reasons why you should consider to start using social video marketing:
1.Today, once online, customers spent most of their time on video .
2.Video has the power to attract more customers to your business.
3.Video is a simple to use persuasion method to make people to purchase your product.
4.Video improves your SEO ranking.
It is easy to measure your video performance with analytics.

What is immersive/VR/360-degree video? 2017-06-01T11:20:03+00:00

An immersive video is a video where the person looking at it can change his/her perspective with a real-world panorama. There are a two types of immersive video, the live streaming and the previously captured video.

How can people see an immersive/VR/360-degree video? 2017-06-01T11:20:03+00:00

There are some custom players but now the technology allowing to view a 360-degree video is also supported by Youtube and Facebook. This makes accessibility by the mass very easy. On a computer, you can view 360-degree videos with Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Then you can use your mouse or the WASD keys to look around and change your perspective and main subject of interest. On a smart phone or tablet you use your finger or pan the phone around, you can also tilt the phone to see up and down. The best experience is obtained by turning your head when using a headset and headphones. With youtube the video can be embed on different websites thus allowing you to get more views.

Can we use other platforms than Youtube and Facebook? 2016-07-31T20:11:12+00:00

There are some other platforms that will allow you to host and share your 360-degree videos, but choosing which one to use is more about the kind of experience you want your viewers to have. Both Youtube and Facebook offer a truly global footprint and a level of access that very few other platforms can match.

The best user experience is with a VR headset but how to make this accessible? 2016-07-31T23:14:29+00:00

Google cardboard is a low cost VR headset made from recycled paper. It allows a 3D-interactive experience of the video and it is an affordable way of using 360-degree video to promote your business. If you want to give your target audience the possibility to see your content with a VR headset I can manage the project of the production of some branded cardboards for you. You can then distribute your branded carboards to the people you want to have an enhanced experience.

Why should I use a 360-degree video instead of a flat frame video? 2016-07-31T20:10:40+00:00

If you marketing goal is to engage your audience then letting people choose which angle they want to view a video from is really a game changer. A test with an video advertising on Facebook shows that:
1. The cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is significantly lower for 360-degree video.
2. The click Through Rate (CTR) is also significantly higher for 360-degree video.
3. The average percentage viewed is higher with 360-degree video, and double the viewers watched the video to 100%.

How can my company use 360-degree video? 2016-07-31T20:10:24+00:00

There are many ways your company can use 360-degre video but it all depends on your industry and your goals. Just now I do not know anything about you. Please contact me to know how I can help you.

How much does it cost to make a 360-degree video? 2016-07-31T20:09:58+00:00

Please contact me to explain what you are thinking about and have a proposal.